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Carving by Richard Baker Sr.
Carving by
Richard Baker Sr.

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What Beginner and Novice Carvers Should Know About Bent Knife Carving Tools

The Carving Tool - History - Composition
A good quality tool will be one of the most important investments you can make as a carver. .... Read More

Crafting a Preferred Edge Knife
Hours of care go into creating our hand made wood carving knives and tools. .... Read More

Straight Single Edge Knives
There are many of these type of knives. The ones we are most concerned about are .... Read More

Bent Knives
The bent knives usually have a sharp cutting edge on either side. .... Read More

How to use a Double Edge Bent Knife
There are two different types of double edge knives. There is the inside bevel .... Read More

How to sharpen a Preferred Edge Knife
Sharpening or maintaining your knife is an easy but hazardous activity. .... Read More