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Carving by Richard Baker Sr.
Carving by
Richard Baker Sr.

Some of the kind words we have received from our many customers.
Wayne - April 2010

Hi Mike
In my humble estimation this was the best course I've been in. Splash is a very special person and I don't think I will get to meet many people like him in my lifetime. He has a God given talent of the highest form on top of being the type of person anyone who comes in contact with would like to emulate, even just a small amount, if that is possible.
I learned so much about the Coast Salish people through his knowledge and stories passed on to him which in turn gave me a new light on the simple and yet complex form of art that I want to include and practice in my own art and studies. Not to mention how important I thought starting each day with a song sung in the Coast Salish tongue was, it seemed to get my focus immediately. I thank him for that.
One of the other reasons this course was a success for me was the people you chose to have in it. Super people, everyone there for the same reason enjoying every minute. Each person was extremely dedicated to learning how to carve and in the exact way Splash explained it.
Before I close I thought having 6 people rather than 8 was also a plus, lots of room for everyone to move around and communicate.
Just a great experience for myself Mike, I thank you for having me there, it all starts with you ( now don't let that go to your head my friend, lol )

Thanks again Mike

Rick - April 2010

Good Morning Mike
What a way to start a Monday!
I find that I just don't have the time it takes to make a good knife, and I spend way too much on the handles and looks.
I know that yours are the best out there and will pull no punches when it comes to a real quality tool like yours.
Likewise I will call crap crap.
If I can get students with good sharp knives it makes learning and teaching a whole world easier.


CV Wood - February 2010

I have been meaning to write you.
I wanted to say thanks. I can't tell you how much I am enjoying your hard work!
I have been carving for about 20 of years. I have purchased many fine carving knives in that time. I was looking for something with a longer handle. And a friend suggested I try one of Preferred Edge Carving Knives web site. A month ago I order two new knives from Mike, a rough out and a detail knife. I am very pleased with these knives. They are top qualities and handle like a dream. I find the longer handle has notably improved my blade control when using one or both hands.
I will be ordering additional knives for my shop soon.

CV Wood
Mobile Alabama

Guy Kilgallen - February 2010

Hi Michael,
Just as a quick introduction, I’ve been carving for about 12 months here in the UK, being tutored by John White here on Merseyside. On a recent visit to Vancouver/BC we met a really nice guy called Herb White in Cowichan Bay and he was really kind in answering all my questions and showed me his knives that were of course Preferred Edge. We spent much of the two weeks travelling around Vancouver Island and mainland meeting, sometimes by accident, carvers who all sang your praises. Unfortunately we never got chance to meet you.
On returning to the UK, I was telling John about all the wonderful carvings we’d seen and Preferred Edge, when he went to his tool roll and produced one of your knives, saying he uses them for just about everything.
I am keen to try different styles other than just the European tradition and loved watching the detailed work of First Nations artists.
My fiancée has kindly agreed to purchase me 3 of your knives for my birthday, I was wondering if you could recommend some to get me started and how I could order/pay for them to be shipped to the UK.

Best Regards,
Guy Kilgallen

Dave - December 2008

Hi Mike,
I've been doing a blog for an outfit I'm making a spoon for. Today's entry featured a bent knife so I gave you a plug. Hope it meets with your approval.
I've been LOVING my reverse bevel bent knife. I'm so glad you convinced me to give it a serious try. It is the bees knees!! The only problem I'm having is that I sharpen by hand without any power tool assistance and I can't seem to get it as sharp and even as you do. Can you give me any tips on sharpening these?
The blog is at the following if you want to see it:

I hope you are well and selling many knives!
Best wishes

Daniel Elliott - February 2008

Hi Mike,
Just wanted to say thanks for the great knives! I have a master carver that came into teach carving and he said these knives are brilliant! He has only seen one other carver with knives that are in the same category as yours.
I'm a novice carver but a artist none the less, I must say my job gets in the way of a set of cedar doors that I'm carving; its like butter... Thanks for the artistry!!
Daniel Elliott, Nanaimo Corrections Center

Greg Colfax - December 2006

The blades are working out on five masks. I hollowed all of them in eight hours of knife torturing carving. If any weaknesses exist in the making of the blades, it shows up at this time. They held their edges. Next month I'll order some more. Also, I'm going to recommend to our museum, The Makah Museum and Cultural Center, that they carry a selection of your blades.
Happy Christmas and may the new year find you and your family in good health and prosperity.
Greg Colfax

Terry - November 2006

Hello Mike !
Received the knives today, and have tried them out already - I am more then pleased with them and do consider them as real out and out professional tools.
I will repeat again - "I don't like them - I love them."
Keep making em. Thanks again.
Best Regards
Terry Fraser

John - July 2006 - To: Mike Komick

Received the knife yesterday, had to pay customs fee of £8. Shouldn't have to pay on craft products.
I would have to say you are a man who knows his stuff, that little knife is without a doubt the best I have ever used. It is like cutting soap, and an absolute joy to use, will definitely be in touch again.
Thank you very much. (If you lived nearer I would buy you a drink!!)

Ron Dietrich Aug 11 2005

Hey Mike
Great talking to you on the phone the other day. It is a true pleasure speaking to someone that takes pride in their quality of workmanship. As I said I have a carving knife from every knife maker known and by far, your knives blow them away. Your attention to detail and perfection is incredible. The sharpness when straight out of the package is unbeatable. I have never!!! gotten a knife so sharp straight from the knife maker. Mostly, I have had to re-sharpen them or strop them and spend between 20 minute and as much as 2 hours on a new knife. With yours I just start carving. What a true joy.
This is definitely true for I have ordered three more knives from you I have a total of five now. I have completely changed all the knives on my bench to yours. That should tell the tale. They truly are the Preferred Edge. That is the perfect name for your company. The unique handle is extremely comfortable to use for hours of carving at one time. I was so impressed with our conversation about how a knife ordered from a catalog came dull and that you wanted it right back so you could make the knife right and razor sharp. That was incredible. You don't find that dedication in today's world.
It is a pleasure to speak to you. You did not give me the rush job. Most do! You spent time with me and we had a great conversation. Another thing you don't get these days. Having custom hunting knives and carving knives and years ago making my own before I became handicapped, I can see quality and yours are miles ahead of the rest. Without a doubt your knives are the best I have ever owned or used in all of my thirty years plus of carving. Your knives are truly the Preferred Edge.
If I can be of any service to you please don't hesitate to call. In closing your knives are the best and you are a great guy to talk with. It is a pleasure to find someone like you who can be depended on.
Warm regards
Ron Dietrich
Southold, LI. N. Y.

Bob Randall Oct 5 2005

Hi Mike, just wanted to let you know that not only does the gouge look good but it works wonderful as well.
Excellent job, thanks!
Bob Randall

Bob Randall     Bob Randall

Hope you can use these pics. Been laid up for a few days with some minor surgery. Back at my bench again!! Tried to get you a better look at the actual gouge marks in the bowl. I expect it will also work on my scoops, spoons, ladles & etc. G'day - Bob

George Shaughnessy Oct 25 2005

I contacted Sam Dawson in Vancouver and I believe he visited you last week to put in an order for some blades for an upcoming project in Cape Mudge. I am going to send you a name, number and fax for the person that will be looking after payment for the blades. He will also provide you with a band number as this project will take place on the Cape Mudge reserve.

You can reach me by e-mail at Just to let you know, I did a lot of research on people that make blades and your name kept coming up. I believe one artist by the name of George Hunt Jr. highly recommended you.
Thanks - George Shaughnessy

Terry Fraser Jan 28 2006

Hello Mike!
Received the knives today, and have tried them out already. I am more then pleased with them and do consider them as real out and out professional tools. I will repeat again - "I don't like them - I love them." Keep making 'em!
Feel free also to post the fact that you do supply a legally blind carver who has high respect for your quality of knives and your very superior instructions on maintenance and sharpening of such.
Best Regards - Terry Fraser

Peter Riedl, manager of Dick's Fine Tools in Metten, Germany.

"We received the knives with many thanks, and they where good in shape. Our customers... report that they use them mainly for smooth finish cuts on bowls, masks etc.. They prefer the sharpness and the edge life of the blades. Some of them also mentioned that they like these blades because they are a bit "flexible".

Additionally I would like to refer to the test report "Hooked" by Chris Pye which was released in the Woodcarving magazine around July/August last year."

Bruce S. a carver from Fargo, North Dakota required a chip carving knife with a large handle because of the size of his hands.

"The knife is great. The steel in the blade really sharpens up like no other that I own. The back part of the handle was a bit too big, so I used my hobby belt sander and narrowed it down a bit, and now it is my prized possession. I can not thank you enough. I did some chip carving over the weekend with it, and it cuts so clean and precise. As we discussed, there is something to be said for craftsmanship versus mass production.

Thank you again - Bruce"