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Carving by Richard Baker Sr.
Carving by
Richard Baker Sr.

Crafting a Preferred Edge Knife
Hours of care go into creating our hand made wood carving knives and tools. We use only the finest high-carbon, low-alloy steel. The carbon content is 1.0 per cent, which gives the tools hardness and durability. The Rockwell hardness of each knife is C57.2. Every process is done by hand.
Each wood carving knife is flame cut to the specified size and drawn to an edge by blacksmithing. A fine edge is obtained by grinding, filing and polishing with several grits of sandpaper. The knife is then heated and hardened in an oil bath. It is carefully heated again in an electric oven, then naturally cooled, highly polished and brought to a razor edge with another six different grits of sandpaper. Finally it is buffed with two grits on the buffing wheel before the hand-made wood handle is attached.

Craftsmen at Preferred Edge are very experienced and proud of their reputation. Each wood carving knife is hand made and no two knives are exactly alike. They each possess an individual characteristic, but all share the same high quality.
About our knives
Just as we take immense pride in each wood carving knife we produce, you can take the same pride in ownership of a knife from Preferred Edge. We are proud to announce that our hand made quality wood carving knives and tools are preferred by such high end BC Native wood carving artists as Calvin Hunt and Mervyn Hunt Child of Fort Rupert, and by Nathan Jackson of Ketchikan, Alaska.

Video - see the two minute interview with Michael Komick about how Preferred Edge Knives was started.